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 Masts with jack 3.5 connector

Masts from 26 to 500 mm equipped with jack connector 3.5, bases to be fixed on surface or to be integrated. 

Grey finish
SMD121 Mast 26 mm grey
SMD122 Mast 50 mm grey
SMD123 Mast 100 mm grey
SMD124 Mast 100 mm grey
SMD125 Mast 200 mm grey
SMD126 Mast 250 mm grey
SMD127 Mast 300 mm grey
SMD128 Mast 350 mm grey
SMD129 Mast 400 mm grey
SMD221 Mast 450 mm grey
SMD222 Mast 500 mm grey
Black finish
SMD131 Mast 26 mm black
SMD132 Mast 50 mm black
SMD133 Mast 100 mm black
SMD134 Mast 150 mm black
SMD135 Mast 200 mm black
SMD136 Mast 250 mm black
SMD137 Mast 300 mm black
SMD138 Mast 350 mm black
SMD139 Mast 400 mm black
SMD231 Mast 450 mm black
SMD232 Mast 500 mm black
White finish
SMD141 Mast 26 mm white
SMD142 Mast 50 mm white
SMD143 Mast 100 mm white
SMD144 Mast 150 mm white
SMD145 Mast 200 mm white
SMD146 Mast 250 mm white
SMD147 Mast 300 mm white
SMD148 Mast 350 mm white
SMD149 Mast 400 mm white
SMD241 Mast 450 mm white
SMD242 Mast 500 mm white
Integration base
SSU121 Small socket to integrate grey
SSU131 Small socket to integrate black
SSU141 Small socket to integrate white
Surface base
SSU321 Large socket grey
SSU331 Large socket black
SSU441 Large socket white