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Electrical Specifications
Voltage 24 VDC
Power 1,2 W.
Regulator integrated
Control 1-10V, DALI, DMX….
Class III
Physical characteristics
Length 10 to 13mm depending of the focal
Diameter 9,2 mm
Finitions Nickel, Black anodized
Photometric characteristics
CRI / TM30 96/98, rf94
K / output lumens 2700K / 60lm
K / output lumens 3000K / 65lm
K / output lumens 3500K / 70lm
K / output lumens 4000K / 75lm
Optical characteristics
Material Quartz / glass optical unit
Angles variable focal length from 12° to 30°
Additional optics 2°, 5°, 10°, 20°, 1°x 90°
Beam Direction H : 360° / V : +/- 40%
Color Filters
Filters modifying either the X-Y coordinates relative to the blackbody curve or raising or lowering the color temperature.
Certification & guarantee
5 Years garantee
Certifications CE & ETL
Protection IP20, CLASS III
Article code
Finition Nickelé
SLD122 2700K
SLD123 3000K
SLD124 3500K
SLD125 4000K
Black anodized finish
SLD132 2700K
SLD133 3000K
SLD134 3500K
SLD135 4000K
Optional magnetic filters
Nickel finish
SFI129 5° filter
SFI122 10°filter
SFI123 20° filter
SFI125 1° x 90° filter
Black anodized finish
SFI139 Filtre 2° de2° filter designed to soften the edge of the flow, silver finishstiné à adoucir le contour du flux, finition noire
SFI131 5° filter
SFI132 10°filter
SFI133 20° filter
SFI135 1° x 90° filter