Made in France

We create our own LEDs, you will not find them in the references/catalogues of other manufacturers/distributors who are numerous abroad and in Asia in particular. We have made this strategic choice in order to control the quality and the production and delivery time. Being at the heart of production, our teams gain in coordination and planning to better advise you during the design and installation of your lighting project. This proximity guarantees that you will be able to respond in a timely manner to all of your ordering customers.

“LedNer : the integrity of light.”

Born in the east of France, the youngest of seven children, Marc Pettmann began to take an interest in electronics and to create “in-house developments” at a very young age. Ingenious and an entrepreneur at heart, he has developed a real technical know-how in sound and light. Surrounded by his wife, his daughter and the LedNer family at large, he has been able to share his values: creativity, reactivity, seriousness and integrity. From luxury brands to hotels, from museums to monuments and other emblematic sites… In France and abroad, LedNer is committed to its clients so that light can be.


Installed in 1400 m2, 12 employees invest themselves to bring projects from the shadows to the light.

A work of goldsmith is carried out by various profiles (former eyeglass maker or specialist of micro-wiring of aircraft engine…). What they have in common is that they all have golden hands to execute micro-pieces. A work of precision which relies on a great mastery of work.


Our vocation is to offer a “creativity toolbox” to lighting professionals. What is imagined by an architect and a light designer, we realize it thanks to all our solutions that can be interwoven ad infinitum. Our leitmotiv : create the desired and expected effect.

Today, the tendency is to subtlety by playing with light effects of soft atmosphere, precise orientations in order to emphasize the products and less the furniture. Already gone are the days of cold, flooding lights! Lighting has become a fully-fledged, high-end scenographic tool. 

With technical developments and the advent of LED, a virtuous halo has appeared, tending more and more towards an alternative use, low consumption and eco-responsible. An interesting answer in the current context which is to drastically reduce the lighting of stores and gardens and other places.



The R&D office is the backbone of the company, where engineers create and develop exclusive products. Spectometers, integration spheres, photo goniometer, thermal imaging, electronics laboratory, etc., the technical platforms allow the development, prototyping and testing of products. The values of the outgoing flux of the LEDs are measured and verified to offer precise characteristics.

Customer services, sales, export, agility and cross-functionality, allow a tailor-made and precise follow-up of incoming projects until their completion.

Our teams manufacture unique products and design exceptional lighting. We are constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. Our approach, which is based on considerable R&D work, has since been recognized as innovative by BpiFrance, which is supporting us in two development programs.