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Flexilight side CHV is a silicone ribbon with a width of 10 mm offering a perfectly homogeneous lateral flow operating in 230VAC or 110VAC

Voltage 230 V
Power 20 W/m
LED quantity per meter 100 LEDs / m
LED type SMD 2835
Regulator Embeddeb
Cutting 100 mm
IP rate IP65 / IP67 on request
Minimum radius 100 mm
Physical characteristics
Width 10 mm
Thickness 18 mm
Length up to 30m
Certification & guarantee
3 years under normal conditions of use
Article code
FOS611 2300K / 92 / 455lm
FOS615 2700K / 92/ 510lm
FOS621 3000K / 92 / 545lm
FOS625 3500K / 92 / 560lm
FOS631 4000K / 92 / 575lm
FOS600-SEP Connection in the extension
FOS600-SLB Right side connection
FOS600-SLH Left side connection
FOS600-SED Opposite connection to light
FOS610-SEP Connection in the extension, IP67
FOS610-SLB Right side connection, IP67
FOS610-SLH Left side connection, IP67
FOS601-SED Opposite connection to light, IP67
FOS036-CLIP Spring steel clip