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DELTA is a miniature projector delivering 100 lumens, intended for general lighting thanks to a 30° angle.

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Electrical Specifications
Courant constant 350 mA
Voltage 3 V
Power 1 W
Control 1 W
Class III
Physical characteristics
Length 22 mm
Diameter 12 mm
Finish Black, white, brushed brass, nickel-plated brass
Photometric characteristics
CRI / TM30 >92
K / output lumens 2700 / 95
K / output lumens 3000 / 100
K / output lumens 3500 / 100
K / output lumens 4000 / 105
Optical characteristics
Material PMMA optique
Angles 30°
Beam Direction H : 300° / V : +/- 100%
Article code
Satin black brass
SLD732 2700K
SLD733 3000K
SLD734 3500K
SLD735 4000K
Satin white brass
SLD742 2700K
SLD743 3000K
SLD744 3500K
SLD745 4000K
Nickel-plated brass
SLD722 2700K
SLD723 3000K
SLD724 3500K
SLD725 4000K
Brushed brass
SLD752 2700K
SLD753 3000K
SLD754 3500K
SLD755 4000K
On request custom finish
SLD712 2700K
SLD713 3000K
SLD714 3500K
SLD715 4000K