GAMMA is a miniature projector delivering 210 lumens, intended for general lighting thanks to an angle of 35° or 50°.

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Caractéristiques électriques
Courant constant 700 mA
Electrical Specifications
Voltage 3 V
Power 2 W.
Control 1-10V, DALI, DMX….
Class III
Physical characteristics
Length 30 mm.
Diameter 18 mm.
Finish Black, white, brushed brass, nickel-plated brass
Optical characteristics
Material PMMA optique
Angles 35° (50° on request)
Beam Direction H : 100° / V : +/- 300%
Photometric characteristics
CRI >92
K / output lumens 2700K / 200lm
K / output lumens 3000K / 210lm
K / output lumens 3500K / 215lm
K / output lumens 4000K / 220lm
Article code
Satin black brass
SLD832 2700K
SLD833 3000K
SLD834 3500K
SLD835 4000K
Satin white brass
SLD842 2700K
SLD843 3000K
SLD844 3500K
SLD845 4000K
Nickel-plated brass
SLD822 2700K
SLD823 3000K
SLD824 3500K
SLD825 4000K
Brushed brass
SLD852 2700K
SLD853 3000K
SLD854 3500K
SLD855 4000K
On request custom finish
SLD812 2700K
SLD813 3000K
SLD814 3500K
SLD815 4000K