GAMMA is a miniature projector delivering 210 lumens, intended for general lighting thanks to an angle of 35° or 50°.

Caractéristiques électriques
Courant constant 700 mA
Electrical Specifications
Voltage 3 V
Power 2 W.
Control 1-10V, DALI, DMX….
Class III
Physical characteristics
Length 30 mm.
Diameter 18 mm.
Finish Black, white, brushed brass, nickel-plated brass
Optical characteristics
Material PMMA optique
Angles 35° (50° on request)
Beam Direction H : 100° / V : +/- 300%
Photometric characteristics
CRI >92
K / output lumens 2700K / 200lm
K / output lumens 3000K / 210lm
K / output lumens 3500K / 215lm
K / output lumens 4000K / 220lm
Article code
Satin black brass
SLD832 2700K
SLD833 3000K
SLD834 3500K
SLD835 4000K
Satin white brass
SLD842 2700K
SLD843 3000K
SLD844 3500K
SLD845 4000K
Nickel-plated brass
SLD822 2700K
SLD823 3000K
SLD824 3500K
SLD825 4000K
Brushed brass
SLD852 2700K
SLD853 3000K
SLD854 3500K
SLD855 4000K