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The masts are made to measure in France, the center distances of the different spots are free, each spot can be controlled individually or by group.

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Physical characteristics
Diameter 4 mm
Height To measure from 50 to 500mm
Beam Direction H : 100° / V : +/- 300%
Mast rotation 360°
Mounting Integrated or surface
Finish Black, white, brushed brass, nickel-plated brass
Mast with a projector support and mounting base
SMD633 300 mm Mast, black
SMD635 500 mm Mast, black
SMD643 300 mm Mast, white
SMD645 500 mm Mast, white
SMD623 300 mm Mast, Nickel-plated brass
SMD625 500 mm Mast, Nickel-plated brass
SMD653 300 mm Mast, Brushed brass
SMD655 500 mm Mast, Brushed brass
SMD613 300 mm Mast, Custom finish
SMD615 500 mm Mast, Custom finish
Cover for surface mounting base
BMT631 Cover, Black brass
BMT641 Cover, White brass
BMT621 Cover, Nickel-plated brass
BMT651 Cover, Brushed brass
BMT611 Cover, Custom finish
Additional spot support, including machining and wiring
SSM631-ADD Support, Black brass
SSM641-ADD Support, White brass
SSM621-ADD Support, Nickel-plated brass
SSM651-ADD Support, Brushed brass
SSM611-ADD Support, Custom finish
Through support, recommended for lengths over 300 mm
BME631 Through support, black
BME641 Through support, white
BME621 Through support, Nickel-plated brass
BME651 Through support, Brushed brass
BME611 Through support, custom finish