The masts are made to measure in France, the center distances of the different spots are free, each spot can be controlled individually or by group.

Physical characteristics
Diameter 4 mm
Height To measure from 50 to 500mm
Beam Direction H : 100° / V : +/- 300%
Mast rotation 360°
Mounting Integrated or surface
Finish Black, white, brushed brass, nickel-plated brass
Mast with a projector support and mounting base
SMD633 300 mm Mast, black
SMD635 500 mm Mast, black
SMD643 300 mm Mast, white
SMD645 500 mm Mast, white
SMD623 300 mm Mast, Nickel-plated brass
SMD625 500 mm Mast, Nickel-plated brass
SMD653 300 mm Mast, Brushed brass
SMD655 500 mm Mast, Brushed brass
Cover for surface mounting base
BMT631 Cover, Black brass
BMT641 Cover, White brass
BMT621 Cover, Nickel-plated brass
BMT651 Cover, Brushed brass
BMT611 Cover, Custom finish
Additional spot support, including machining and wiring
SSM631-ADD Support, Black brass
SSM641-ADD Support, White brass
SSM621-ADD Support, Nickel-plated brass
SSM651-ADD Support, Brushed brass
SSM611-ADD Support, Custom finish
Through support, recommended for lengths over 300 mm
BME631 Through support, black
BME641 Through support, white
BME621 Through support, Nickel-plated brass
BME651 Through support, Brushed brass
BME611 Through support, custom finish