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Extruded aluminium profile specially designed for the CHV high voltage range.

Material Anodized aluminum
Width 19,6 mm
internal width 16,4 mm
Height 13,3mm / 21,5mm with diffuser
Length 2,50 m
Finish Anodized aluminum
Article code
PRO322 CHV PROFILE PRO322, aluminum
CAP332 PMMA diffuser, microprism transparent, square, length 6,56'
CAP322 Semi-transparent PMMA diffuser, square, length 6,56'
CAP342 PMMA diffuser, microprism opal, square, length 6,56'
CAP352 PMMA diffuser, white, square, length 6,56'
CAP331 PMMA diffuser, microprism transparent, half round, length 6,56'
CAP321 Semi-transparent PMMA diffuser, half round, length 6,56'
CAP341 PMMA diffuser, microprism opal, half round, length 6,56'
CAP351 PMMA diffuser, white, half round, length 6,56'
ACC352 End caps for square diffuser, kit of 2, of which one cable hole
ACC351 End caps for round diffuser, kit of 2, of which one cable hole
ACC356 PMMA mounting clip, invisible