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Gamma Perle

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Electrical Specifications
Voltage 24VDC
Power 2,1 W.
Regulator integrated
Control indivually Integrated, and globally 1-10V, DALI, DMX….
Class III
Physical characteristics
Length 35 mm
Diameter 18 mm
Finish Aluminium, noire
Optical characteristics
Material PMMA
Angles 35° / 50°
Direction H : 40° / V : 40°
Photometric characteristics
CRI / TM30 96/98,rf94
K / output lumens 2300K / 200lm
K / output lumens 2700K / 210ml
K / output lumens 3000K / 220lm
K / output lumens 3500K / 230lm
K / output lumens - meter 4000K / 240lm
Certification & guarantee
5 years under normal conditions of use
Article code
Aliminium finish
SLR821 2300K
SLR822 2700K
SLR823 3000K
SLR824 3500K
SLR825 4000K
Black finish
SLR831 2300K
SLR832 2700K
SLR833 3000K
SLR834 3500K
SLR835 4000K